Viker Sangel 180 capsules

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Viker Sangel 180 capsules

Viker Sangel 180capsules

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Sangel, limitless charm and lasting appeal Tests show that Sangel can activate the function of the ovary through the following process: It activates circulation preventing it from atrophy through strengthening metabolism thus supplying it with ample nutrition, renewing the body’s ability to excrete estrogen therefore postponing the onset of menopause. T ests also show that using Sangel will not only help produce healthier ovarian follicle but also increases it’s lifespan. Sangel does not contain any hormones and has no direct hormonal actions. Using Sangel every year for three to four continuous cycles (15 days is one cycle) will cause the symptoms of menopause to diminish and disappear. Sangel, a more satisfying sex life Some people consider sexual intercourse the most exciting, enjoyable, and satisfying thing in life. In one passionate moment, body and soul come together. It can set people aflame with passion and also be one of the most relaxing or relieving moments a person can know. Making love to a middle age woman can drive a man crazy. Two mature bodies with a deep understanding of life and relationships, having the same enthusiasms, the same privities, and the same climaxes. But many women becoming middle-aged, especially after menopause, will lose their sexual interests because of the changing of incretion. The vagina becomes loose and dry, thus sexual intercourse becomes a painful and unpleasant experience. ......She says in the book: ‘having sex for me is a kind of torture. Every time it feels like a nightmare to me, my vagina is hard and dry, my chest can’t feel anything. Making love is completely pointless...’ Menopause can cause a lot of trouble between husbands and wives, sometimes even ruin their marriage. Modern medical science proves that vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse is mainly caused by retrogression of the ovary, abnormality of follicle, and decreasing excretion of estrogen. When excretion of estrogen returns to a normal level, the related body functions will soon work better. The vagina will be tight, soft and wet during sexual intercourse. It will be exciting and enjoyable. Women will regain their confidence and enjoy having sex again. Sangel can nourish the ovary, increase the excretion of estrogen, and improve the conditions of the vagina, up-grading the quality of sex. Sangel, keeps your period regular Since a girl has her first menstrual period during puberty, she enters into the rich and colorful life of womanhood. From the teenage years until the end of menopause, those 30—40 years, is a woman’s ‘real life.’ It gives a woman her sexuality, though it doesn't accompany women throughout their entire life. When a woman reaches menopause her ovaries show their age. The ability to excrete estrogen decreases causing the body to age and menstruation to stop. Menstruation begins with the production of hormones. Through the process of maturation the follicle excretes estrogen. The estrogen begins to line the wall of the uterus, making it thicker. The blood vessel expands. After ovulation, the ovary forms lutenizing hormone. This produces progesterone. The wall of the uterus continues to thicken. With the declination of lutenizing hormone, progesterone levels decrease. The thickened lining of the uterus and the blood are shed. This leads to menstrual bleeding. Sangel can reactivate the function and activity of the ovary, release mature follicles, and raise the level of estrogen. Using Sangel before menopause can bring irregular menstruation back to normal. Using Sangel during menopause can bring new life to the menstrual cycle. Sangel makes women healthier both physically and emotionally. Hope comes from promise. Sangel Hope comes from promise Modern medical science has discovered that through reactivating the ovaries by giving them enough nutrition can produce enough estrogen to continue the menstrual cycle, thus postponing menopause. There are many brands that make products to postpone menopause, but among those, Sangel, made by the Canadian Viker is greatly adored and trusted by many middle-aged women. Sangel uses modern scientific techniques to combine extracts from many essential herbs. It does not contain any hormones, no hormonal-like side-effects. Since it is taken orally the body absorbs it so it can quickly begin to activate the ovular cells, nourishing the ovaries. The ovaries regain the ability to produce estrogen thus the menstrual cycle continues, menopause is postponed. Sangel is a compound, taking it yearly in 3-4 continuous cycles (15 days is one cycle) can postpone the onset of menopause. Because it can raise the body’s estrogen level the symptoms of menopause will disappear. Unlike other products which use hormones to force the ovary to produce estrogen, leading to menstrual bleeding; these may also cause maladjusted internal secretions and shatter a woman’s hope to remain youthful, Sangel can not only postpone menopause but also help women regain their natural beauty and confidence.

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