Justin Trudeau's minority cabinet unveiled

Posted on: 11-23-2019 01:42:38 | Categories: Canada News

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Justin Trudeau's minority cabinet unveiled

Justin Trudeau unveiled his new cabinet today, one month after the federal election. While some MPs have kept their cabinet positions, some heavy hitters have been moved to new portfolios. The biggest shift involved Chrystia Freeland, arguably Trudeau’s strongest cabinet performer, who stickhandled tempestuous NAFTA negotiations with a mercurial Donald Trump administration in the United States. Freeland, who has roots in Alberta although she represents a downtown Toronto riding, took on the pivotal role in bridging the divide between the federal Liberal government and irate conservative-led provinces, including Ontario and in the West, as deputy prime minister and minister in charge of a beefed-up intergovernmental affairs department, to be renamed domestic affairs. Francois-Philippe Champagne has left his current post at Infrastructure to take over from Freeland at Foreign Affairs.

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